Do I deserve a fairytale? Or do I deserve to fail?

when I wake up,
there’s nothing to say
other than I’ve fucked up.

My parents
push me away.
It makes no sense
for me to stay.

I was never enough
for my old best friend.
A diamond in the rough
I never meant to offend.

The sad girl who pulled my strings
like a puppet master behind the scenes,
only gave me a love that stings.
Once we were but innocent teens…

The girl with the broken halo
was a devil in disguise.
I am trapped at an all time low,
tell me, where are the highs?

The girl next door
broke my frail heart.
Battered and sore,
I survived another failed start.

I clutch my phone
waiting for a human connection.
But in the friend zone,
I continue to wait in anticipation
for a ring tone
to take away my attention
from the dust and bone
of my dark depression.

Looking at your face, your hair,
I sink into another bottle;
my life going no where,
both hands firmly off the throttle.

Tonight, my time I spend
hung up looking at old pictures of an ex.

Much love from your friend,


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