Another day, another adventure; over bridges and under the shadows.

After everything I said yesterday, once again I went for a walk with music in my ears. I do want to get better but perhaps I need to learn to listen to myself first. Today my objective was to find a peaceful scene over a body of water where I could take a few pictures and hope that I could upload one to this blog… 

And that is exactly what I did. I met with my man with a camera and we found a secluded area in the greenbelt of the town with a long forgotten, brick-built bridge; all overgrown with sprawling nettles, wild weeds and a knee-deep running river. All of my life I have lived in this town, I had no idea that this utopia was hiding on the horizon beyond the vibrant treetops in the distance. It was a long way to walk under the radiant mid-day blaze. However, a strong breeze was rolling through the creaking branches and bushes and kept me from melting in my jacket. All black may not have been the greatest idea on a Summer day but hell it’s the colour of the bruises on my heart from this year, so if I don’t stay true to myself then I have already failed at getting better.

Your friend Alex

For this shot, I risked life and limb to dangle over the edge of this striking, pale stone bridge amongst the life around me, looking out at the impending doom for me if the wind was to sweep me over the edge, or you know, some other strong impulse…

This adventure today was what I needed to put a smile on my face. This morning I woke up to the sound of my mother in agony and once again she is in hospital. Rather than wallowing in my house all day, I put on a brave face and ventured off into the outside world which gave me an albeit temporary but much needed boost to my mood. You won’t often find a smile gracing my lips but on those rare occasions where someone or something special can make me ignite inside, then I’ve heard it can light up a room; that’s what my counsellor said anyway.

If there is one thing that I have learned today, then it is that there are places in this world that are still pure, a place to feel some serenity in your heart and while you may feel all of the shadows lingering over you, if not for a moment, all else pales in comparison to the beauty and the wonder in your heart and life around you.

Much love to you and my camera man, from your friend,


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